Millennials, Sex Apps, and Bull Markets

Did you hear the news?

Twenty-one Sears and five Kmart stores will be closing in October.

I didn’t even know either of those stores still existed.

I thought they faded into the backdrop of progress years ago, leaving a scattering of empty storefronts and littered strip malls in their wake.

I don’t say this to be cruel, though.

In fact, I have fond memories of my father buying me $0.25 ham sandwiches from Kmart while I waited impatiently to see a blue light rise up from the camping and fishing aisles.

But the fact is, Sears and Kmart couldn’t keep up.

Management was incompetent, and fresh blood didn’t flow through the C-suites.

It’s funny, but when I go on site visits to check out the companies in which we may invest, a big red flag for me is the absence of young people.

While it’s easy to poke fun at safe-space-seeking millennials who think Bernie Sanders will pay off

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