Fixit Farm – Meet the Worm Wranglers

“All they do is poop and pee and have sex all day long.”

By Virginia M. Wright

Organic farmers Leslie and Paul Ferguson are always looking for natural products to enrich their soil. “Horse poop, cow poop, chicken poop,” Leslie ticks off some of the good ones. “Then one day, we ordered worm poop.”

Castings, as the dark particles excreted by earthworms are known, are chock-full of beneficial minerals, enzymes, and microbes. The Fergusons were so impressed with how their vegetables grew and tasted (sweet!) when fertilized with castings that they started raising their own worms by the thousands. Eight years later, castings sales are the mainstay of their Fixit Farm in Sandy River Plantation — last year, the Fergusons sold 230,000 pounds of the stuff. Leslie shared three tidbits about harvesting worms’ number two.

Worm Shangri-la. “We stumbled around for a few years trying to find

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