‘Swinging,’ illicit drug use often go together, study shows

When swingers gather for sexual mixers, drugs are often part of the equation, new Dutch research reveals.

And that combination is known to increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections, the researchers added.

In an online poll of more than 1,000 swingers, “we found that almost half, 44 percent, used drugs during sex in the past six months,” said study author Ymke Evers. She is a doctoral candidate at the Public Health Service in South Limburg, the Netherlands.

“We found that ecstasy, GHB, laughing gas, cannabis, poppers and ketamine were the most popular drugs to use during sex among swingers,” she noted. Among both male and female drug takers, nearly seven in 10 said they had taken four or more different drugs during the past six months.

The reason? About two-thirds of swingers wanted to prolong sex, increase arousal and release inhibitions. About six in 10 sought to intensify sensations. And nearly all —

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