Women Swingers More Likely to Take Drugs During Sex to Help Them Take Part in ‘Esoteric Sex Acts’

Almost half of swingers take drugs like MDMA during hook-ups, according to a study on the little understood scene.

Researchers posted an online questionnaire on Dutch websites for heterosexual couples who have sex with others or singles who have sex with these couples. The survey was filled out by 1,005 people in 2018. The respondents, who were 47 years old on average, answered questions on the drugs they had taken during sex in the past six months (excluding alcohol and erection medication), as well as their sociodemographic status, whether they drank, and if they used condoms.

The paper published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections showed 58 percent of the participants had taken part in swinging at least once a month, while 30 percent did it once every three months on average. A further 12 percent indulged once or twice a year.

Of the total, 44 percent used drugs during sex:

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