Greenbox Robotics’s CBD-Dispensing Robot Makes Its New York City Debut

CBD-dispensing robots have arrived in New York City with the debut of Greenbox Robotics’ artificial intelligence-powered robots at CBD and wellness shop Come Back Daily. Founder Zack Johnson hopes his AI robots will not only boost business and speed up sales at retail shops and dispensaries, but also educate customers about hemp compound CBD.

“The customers will walk up to our fully integrated touch screen,” Johnson explained. “When they click on the actual product, they’ll get as much information as the manufacturer of that product provides, so they can make an educated decision as to which product makes the most sense for their needs, as well as learn what is CBD and how it can help their everyday lives.”

The robot seems like it was made for Instagram ー and that’s no mistake ー but beyond its mass appeal, Johnson hopes the robot will help dispensaries and retail shops attract

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