New Study Disputes ‘Gay Gene,’ But Doesn’t Separate Sex From Identity

The largest-ever study of genes and human sexuality has just been published in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal Scienceand the results will inevitably cause a stir. Does the failure of the researchers to find a single “gay gene” mean that being gay or lesbian is a choice, or just that it’s complicated? What makes males and females so different? And why are scientists still studying this anyways?

As it turns out, the study can’t fully address any of these important issues because of limitations in the way it was designed and executed. But it does quite definitively answer a different question of interest: Does having sex one time with somebody of the same sex mean you’re queer?

The answer is no. In fact, the new work provides the first evidence that there are fundamental,  differences between individuals with different extents of same-sex experience, and suggests that

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