Smoking pot before sex can make your orgasms even more intense

Women who smoke cannabis before romping are twice as likely to orgasm, research reveals.

As well as this, female pot smokers are said to have stronger climaxes and better sexual satisfaction.

Here’s everything you need to know about the study.

The findings were published in the science journal Sexual Medicine.

Researchers analysed results from 373 participants, 34% of which reported using marijuana before sex.

According to the results: “Women with frequent marijuana use, regardless of use before sex or not, had 2.10 times higher odds of reporting satisfactory orgasms than those with infrequent marijuana use.”

Reports also showed that sex tended to be more pleasurable and less painful.

The paper adds: “Most women reported increases in sex drive, improvement in orgasm, decrease in pain, but no change in lubrication.”

SMOKING HOT: Blazing up could make your sex life more satisfying
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Previously, research claimed cannabis can boost libido.

Researchers at Stanford

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