COMMENTARY: Raising the issue of same sex marriage is a cynical and self-serving Liberal ploy

With less than two months before Canadians go to the polls, there are some worrying signs for the federal NDP.

For example, as of Thursday afternoon, the NDP had a total of only 148 candidates in place, which represents fewer than half of the total ridings in the country — an ominous sign for an ostensibly national party. Meanwhile, recent polls have the NDP in a distant third place, well behind two main parties, and only slightly ahead of the somewhat surging Green Party.

This could all bode very well for the Liberals. As polls show the Liberals and Conservatives neck and neck, stealing four or five points from the NDP would go a long way. Certainly, the Liberal victory in the last election was due in large part to winning over progressive voters from the NDP.

WATCH (Aug. 29, 2019): Conservative government will not reopen bills on ‘divisive

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