Cannabus Culture Film Festival 2019 Celebrates Marijuana in Miami

Now that Florida’s cannabis culture is coming out of the closet, it’s time for a weed-inspired film festival.

And who better to celebrate it with than Cheech Marin?

“We’re hoping to get some celebrities to show up,” says Tim Mattson, director of the fourth-annual traveling CannaBus Culture Film Festival, which will be held in Miami for the first time this September 28. “I’m pushing really hard to get Cheech Marin to make an appearance.”

So far, Marin has not committed to the festival, and there’s no word yet about whether Tommy Chong — the other half of the comedy duo Cheech Chong — will make an appearance. But because both actors starred in cannabis-inspired comedies in the ’70s and ’80s, they would surely draw a crowd of South Florida film enthusiasts who grew up on their movies.

But even if the original Hollywood stoners don’t make it, the cannabis film fest still has much to

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