ALESTLE VIEW: Sexuality is not a choice — don’t treat it like one

A new study shows the correlation between specific genes and same-sex sexual behavior. Regardless of the amount of genetic contribution, same-sex sexual behavior shouldn’t be treated as a choice.

The study, currently the most comprehensive on the subject, identified five genes that correlate with same-sex sexual activity. These genes are also associated with sex hormone regulation and the sense of smell.

Despite the limitations and risks of this study, we at The Alestle believe in the importance of research that shows how natural same-sex behavior is. It should not be something that is feared or needs to be “cured,” because one thing is for sure, we cannot control who we are attracted to.

While it is crucial to understand the importance of research, compassion and acceptance should always come first. Sexuality is not a lifestyle choice and shouldn’t be treated as if it is. We should all

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