Puff Puff YASS: I Was High AF When I Ran Into Bill & Hillary on a Plane

As a rule of thumb, you probably shouldn’t take random pills you see around the house, especially if you’re about to head to the airport. But being the adventurer I am, I decided to take an unmarked capsule while cleaning my living room.

Now, my roommate can be best described as a modern day witch. In addition to lighting incense and having a myriad of hanging plants that mysteriously thrive without sunlight in our Brooklyn apartment, she takes numerous immunity boosters and health supplements. I figured this capsule contained something like, an eye of newt extract that would make my skin softer than a baby’s bottom. 

But no, it wasn’t some magical elixir; it turned out to be 10 mg of THC.  

Immediately after checking in at the airport, I turned to my boyfriend Ryan and told him I could eat a horse in its entirety. I then proceeded to explain that while

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