Why the Minnesota DFL is pushing marijuana legalization

The Minnesota DFL is making legalization of marijuana a 2020 election issue. Gov. Tim Walz has instructed his agencies to prepare for it, and Democrats are kicking off a statewide listening tour to tout legalization’s benefits. Does such a strategy make political sense or are the Democrats high?

From a public policy perspective, the current criminalization “war on drugs” has failed. I argued that in a Texas Tech Law Review article 26 years ago, well before it was fashionable to advocate for legalization. The current criminalization approach has failed to stop drug usage, imposed racially arbitrary sentences, and cost hundreds of billions of dollars in government enforcement and lost personal freedom and productivity due to incarceration.

Maybe for some, usage of marijuana is a matter of personal freedom to use a harmless drug. However, as we have seen with the opioid crisis and some research on prolonged use of marijuana, use of any

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