Do you have one of these 10 rare sexual conditions?


A disorder that has in some cases ruined lives Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder leaves suffers constantly on the brink of orgasm no matter where they are or who they’re with.

PriapismSufferers of this disorder have to endure consistent and painful erections to the point where sex isn’t even pleasurable.

Uterus DidelphysDiagnosed at birth having a double uterus is not curable or dangerous but the condition must be managed particularly during a pregnancy and Caesarean sections are common amongst AMONG sufferers.


SexsomniaThis unusual condition sees people engage in sexual activity while asleep – including sexual intercourse and masturbation. Also known as sleep sex.

KoroA psychological syndrome – usually found in men – where the victim believes their genitalia to be shrinking or retracting into their body.

HypersexualityAn unusually high sex drive. The term was coined by former members of Alcoholics Anonymous after seeing an increase in sexual desires

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