Bongs, bare bottoms and bad language: behind the scenes with Australia’s chief censor

Assessors have a golden rule: take notes at least every two minutes, regardless of content. For one, they need to keep tabs not only on the direct action and dialogue but on the background. If the room has marijuana wallpaper, that’s a drug reference. Ditto for a bong on the floor.

Writing constant notes also keeps assessors focused and proves they didn’t fall asleep. Which is a real occupational hazard, especially in arthouse films. “[They’ll be] sitting at a French dinner table and dinner’s gone on for half an hour, and you’re sitting there going: still eating, still eating, still eating,” says Anderson, who still gets on the tools and classifies. “You get out at the end of certain films and go ‘that’s 102 minutes of my life I’m never getting back’.”

Nonetheless, Anderson still gets a kick out of film. In fact she is spending her holidays watching even more movies

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