Cannabis users enhance sex by putting drug up their BUMS

Seen for years as the preserve of feckless stoners lounging around in their mum’s basements surrounded by discarded takeaway containers, weed is now being reappraised as a medical miracle.Claims are being made for CBD, the chemical found in cannabis that doesn’t get you high, include pain relief, calming anxiety, and even reversing cancer.So these days you can find CBD in millions of products – pills, massage oils, even jelly beans.

INNOVATORS: Foria make a range of cannabis-related products
(Image: Foria)

But one pioneering company has found a whole new way for CBD enthusiasts to get the wonder drug into their systems: shoving it up their back passage.US company Foria has devised a range of broad-spectrum CBD suppositories which are designed to pop pot up a user’s pooper providing, they say, soothing, anti-inflammatory effects without any psychoactivity.Some users are also reporting that using Foria’s

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