Cannabis And Artificial Intelligence Are Natural Partners

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cannabis: What has one got to do with the other?

The answer is, “A lot,” according to Michael Yorke, President and CEO of CROP Infrastructure Corporation based in Vancouver, Canada.

CROP provides financing for cannabis growing land expansion and other needed services. It also provides turnkey greenhouse facilities, special growing and processing equipment and access to approved nutrients for select licensed cannabis producers in legal growing regions in Canada.

“The use of AI in sensors and high-definition cameras can be used to keep track of and adjust multiple inputs in the growing environment such as water level, PH level, temperature, humidity, nutrient feed, light spectrum and CO2 levels,” Yorke said. “Tracking and adjusting these inputs can make a major difference in the quantity and quality of cannabis that growers are able to produce.”

Yorke also said AI helps automate trimming technology so it’s able to

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