SFU’s Joy Johnson named as a Fellow into the Royal Society of Canada

Simon Fraser University’s Vice-President, Research and International (VPRI), Joy Johnson has been named as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Johnson is being recognized for her research in sex and gender in health, in particular, substance use and mental health. Additionally, she is awarded for shaping Canada’s health research landscape to better represent women, as many studies have focused on health outcomes for men.

Johnson leads SFU’s strategic research initiatives and facilitates international opportunities that foster research collaborations and student exchange. Her work focuses on facilitating research excellence and helping the university respond to new opportunities. She collaborates with members of SFU’s eight faculties to ensure they have the support and resources required to conduct excellent cutting-edge research in all its forms. Building on her long-standing leadership and research experience, she works with faculty, students and staff to secure research partnerships within the community and industry. Johnson is also

... read more at: https://www.sfu.ca/sfunews/stories/2019/09/sfu_s-joy-johnson-named-fellow-into-royal-society-of-canada.html


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