Collaboration to Advance Marker Discovery and Genotyping in Cannabis

Arbor Biosciences has announced a partnership with Medicinal Genomics Corp. (MGC), a company specializing in genomics that improves the yield, safety, and transparency of cannabis, to introduce a new genotyping panel for cannabis. Together, the organizations will use their extensive resources for genetic testing to create a cannabis genome knowledge bank, to generate a comprehensive panel for analyzing unique genetic signatures in cannabis strains.  

Building upon their updated reference genome of the Jamaican Lion cultivar, and a recently announced pan-genome project with PacBio, MGC has identified the genetic variations that cause a plant to produce the important cannabinoids of THC, CBD, and their combinations, referred to as chemotypes (I-IV). This information provides a genetic fingerprint for different types and cultivars, and is a key to selective breeding of cannabis. 

Using markers identified by MGC, Arbor has designed and developed a hybridization-based capture panel for targeted NGS sequencing. The myBaits-based panel

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