By now, you may have heard someone go on about how much better sex was for them while high. Cannabis and sex have been studied together for centuries in the U.S. many users report enhanced sexual experiences when high but in some studies, nearly half say it does little or nothing to improve their sex […]


Photo Credit: Shutterstock “We’re extraterrestrial,” I muse as his lips touch my skin. Smoke rings swirl around the room mimicking the sixth planet from the sun. Weightless and whimpering, I close my eyes to spy flashes of light like a universe of glittery trichomes. A sweet and pungent musk fills my lungs. Hints of citrus […]


The seventh victim of a brutal Dublin gangland feud was buried today, four weeks after he carried his uncle’s coffin who was also murdered in the bloody dispute.  Gareth Hutch was gunned down as he approached his car in Dublin’s north inner city on May 24.  Hutch, 35, was a nephew of gangland kingpin Gerry […]

There seemed little to disturb the army of well-heeled shoppers floating round the Georgian colonnades, the bars and boutiques of Royal Tunbridge Wells this weekend – little, certainly, to cause fear let alone disgust. So how to explain this to Theresa Dodd and her husband Charles, a retired solicitor: that three of their four privately […]