Monica Lo is a cannabis cook, content creator, and food photographer. Check out Sous Weed for more of her cannabis recipes and photography.  Satiate your sweet tooth with a healthy treat that’s out of this world: açaí bowls! I adore a good açaí bowl that’s chock-full of delicious, crunchy toppings. Açaí is a superfood that comes from […]

Throughout pop culture and literature, the effects of various drugs on sexual appetites and experiences have been well-documented. It’s little wonder why college kids and adults alike spend maximum time drinking at bars or parties to find a sexual partner. Related Story: 8 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Have Sex With Someone But […]

People have mixed experiences when it comes to weed and sex—and a new study could explain why. It turns out that cannabis has a “bidirectional” effect on sexual functioning, according to research published in the journal Current Sexual Health Reports last week. That means it literally has opposing effects, in this case depending on how […]

It’s not secret that medical cannabis has been proved beneficial to those seeking pain management, alleviating chronic ailments and improving appetite. And for millennia it has been reported that marijuana and sex go together, too. A new study released this month reveals that cannabis use, indeed, can improve sexual function — but it depends on the […]

Cannabis legalisation could be seen to be more about personal choice than human rights. ANALYSIS: The tide looks to be turning on cannabis legalisation, particularly in western democracies. Is cannabis reform New Zealand’s next same-sex marriage?  New Zealand is inching closer and closer to cannabis decriminalisation without even changing a single law. Known for our ability […]

If you consume marijuana, you’re bound to wonder how cannabis affects sexual performance. For thousands of years, cannabis has been considered a potent aphrodisiac by many, but science has yet to find evidence that using marijuana triggers any kind of chemical response that increases our libido. Also, everyone experiences the effects of using marijuana differently, […]