Cannabis and Sex

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn discussed sex, drugs, and the World Cup during an interview with Sky News on Sunday. Corbyn believes medical use of cannabis is good, criminalising sex workers is bad, and that the great Brazil national football teams of yesteryear played like “poetry” in motion. LONDON – Jeremy Corbyn believes medical use of […]

Tea parties just got a lot sexier thanks to Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin. The co-founders of Kikoko are taking herbal refreshment to the next level with their line of cannabis-infused teas. Each of Kikoko’s four teas provide a unique, targeted, and relatively mellow high. There’s Sympa-Tea for pain relief, Tranquil-Tea for sleep, Positivi-Tea for mood boosting. […]

There is some controversy over whether marijuana actually increases sexual appetite. Some believe the herb puts them deeper in the moment and allows the overall sexual experience to become more enjoyable, while others are of the opinion that this perceived enhancement is nothing more than a stoned illusion. A recent CNN piece on the subject […]

Romell D. Hill, 34, faces six counts of bringing contraband into a penal institution including 0.4 grams each of both cocaine and heroin, 5.9 grams of methamphetamine, 1.4 grams of a drug known as “pink bath salts,” 10 morphine (30 milligram) tablets and two ecstasy pills. Read more. … read more at:

The New Society for Wellness (NSFW) opens its members’ minds to sex and cannabis. “We focus on cannabis wellness and sexual wellness. Helping people understand and discover things within both sides of that, but overall, it’s just helping people have better sex and smoke better weed,” explained NSFW’s “chief conspirator,” Daniel Saynt. … read more […]

Sex counsellor Ashley Manta, from California, coined the term “cannasexuals” after she began a sex therapy and education practice using the substance in 2013.  She also teaches clients to focus on specific topics like oral sex, body confidence and dirty talk to keep things fresh in the bedroom.  “Essentially, it is about combining cannabis and sex mindfully,” […]