Cannabis and Sex

Here’s the thing: When you’re writing about pot-infused products aimed at making sex more fun, there’s going to be nervous laughter and possibly blushing. There will be awkward pauses, and maybe a few too many “ums,” as the mind searches for the right words. Or maybe that was just me. During the past year or […]

Illustration by Alex Jenkins I have a nice ass. Guys like it, and I like it, too. But while it’s led gaggles of daddies to harass me on Scruff, I’ve always had difficulty bottoming. When I mention this to other gays, they run through a checklist: Do I take my time? (Yes.) Do I use […]

In my previous article about sex, chronic pain, and cannabis, I focused on methods of incorporating cannabis into one’s sex life to maximize pain relieving benefits. This time, I wanted to chat with folks who are actually living with chronic pain to hear about their experiences with cannabis during sex in order to gain some […]