Cannabis and Sex

People who smoked marijuana regularly for 20 years were more likely to have gum disease than heavy smokers, according to new research. The study looked at more than 1,000 people from New Zealand, who either smoked or used cannabis and whose health was tracked from their birth in the early 1970s until the age of 38.  […]

June should be an interesting month for Foria. As they begin the PR cycle that comes with a major product launch, they are also gearing up for an appearance at SF Pride. I’m curious to see what the reaction to FORIA Explore will be, not just as a cannabis product, but as a conversation starter. The wait […]

Hemp Party president Michael Baldertstone with Australian Sex Party leader Fiona Patten. (Facebook) The Australian Sex Party and the Marijuana (HEMP) Party have reached an historic agreement to win seats at the coming federal election. The parties will share joint tickets in a number of states in an effort to win the last two Senate […]

Conventional wisdom tells us that coitus and cannabis just don’t mix, that pot kills your libido. But as is so often the case with conventional wisdom, this is just plain wrong. Enjoying a few tokes of weed with your lover can be just the thing to send you into outer space. Just ask Cassandra Gemini. […]

People and cannabis sometimes seem to have a very strange relationship. From drinking it too, to getting high with it, to literally sticking it up the butt, people are experimenting heavily with new and original ways of having sex while being high. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 1. A Woman Drank A Bottle Of […]