Cannabis and Sex

‘YOUR corruption of her did not just extend to having sex, but also plying her with marijuana’ a Judge noted in a sentence handed down yesterday. Tyrone Shawn Doak, 23, was sentenced in the Rockhampton District Court to one count of carnal knowledge with a 15-year-old girl, one of possessing a drug utensil and one […]

In early July, players and fans will flock to the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for the 48th annual World Series of Poker Main Event—the first WSOP Main Event to take place in Nevada’s legal retail cannabis era. While most Vegas casinos are maintaining strict no-cannabis policies, clandestine consumption has always been a […]

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that having sex while high is amazing. Women who’ve reported their experiences claim that their orgasms were longer, stronger and in some cases multiple. A less known but super interesting fact is that different strains of cannabis affect your body and sexual performance in different ways.   Related Story: Binge Drinkers […]

I’m not into smoking weed, but my vagina is all about some THC. Disclaimer: I live in the state of California, where the purchase and use of Foria Pleasure, a “sensual enhancement” product made of cannabis oil and liquid coconut oil meant for your nether regions, is legal. It’s basically weed lube, and it’s glorious. […]

What are two of the most titillating subjects to talk about? Sex and weed, right? Well, strap in, sweetheart, because we’re about to talk about both. In high school, a gym teacher posing as a health professional probably taught you that cannabis is bad for you and so is sex. Hopefully, by now, you have […]