Cannabis and Sex

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. (AP) — Bill and Barbara Steele moved to this sleepy corner of Oregon to start their own winery after successful, high-powered business careers. Now, more than a decade later and with award-winning wine to show for their hard work, they are adding a new crop: marijuana. Oregon’s legalization of recreational cannabis two years ago […]

Barnaby Min, Miami’s deputy city attorney, was widely ridiculed last week for comparing legalizing weed to pedophilia at a meeting at city hall. But it turns out he’s an even worse messenger for that offensive claim than most anyone knew. Min himself was caught sexually harassing a female city auditor by emailing her the word “penis” multiple […]

Simple syrup is just that, simple. Usually composed of one part white sugar and one part water, this liquid sweetener just needs heat and time to do its thing. Since sugar water is inherently neutral, adding and steeping herbs, like mint or rosemary, can impart subtle or strong natural flavors depending on the cooking and […]

Dear Stoner: Why is sex better when I’m high?Gina Dear Gina: Sex and pot don’t mix as well as you might think for everyone; scientific evidence and experiential anecdotes frequently clash over whether consuming cannabis enhances sex or not. Dosage is an important factor; as with alcohol or other drugs, higher dosages of marijuana will […]