High Sex

Recently there has been a rise in conservative support for the legalization of cannabis. Currently the approval rate sits at 42 percent, not too shabby considering the right’s recent pick for attorney general is quoted saying, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” It’s almost as though this change of heart may have come from a higher […]

High sex is a whole ‘nother level of sex, with happiness, a little bit of tears, and maybe a catfish or two. The Hard and Soft team goes out on 4/20 to interview some high folks and get some insight on what’s going on in the bedroom under the influence of THC.   Hard and […]

Eureka Vapor Strikes Gold The origins of the word “Eureka” are traced back to early 17th century Greece, and when translated, means “I have found it.” Ancient Greece’s Archimedes was also thought to have uttered this when he stumbled upon a method to determine gold’s purity. As we sit here on the horizon of a […]

Jim Woods The Columbus Dispatch @Woodsnight A cellphone video that authorities say was shot by a South High School student during class and might have depicted a sex act has prompted Columbus City Schools to contact police and Franklin County Children Services. The incident occurred Monday during a class that was overseen by a substitute teacher […]

When Nicola* and Matt* hooked up at a New Year’s Eve party, it was the start of three years of drug-fuelled sex sessions. They would book a hotel room or go to Matt’s parents’ house while they were away. He’d bring a couple of grams of MDMA or coke and they’d stay up until the […]

Tweet Unsatisfied troglodyte here. I’m a straight regular bloke with a rather high sex drive. I’ve had both long- and short-term relationships, was even married for a short time, but the sad constant in my relationships is that after the first few months it’s all downhill sexually for me. I understand that relationships have to […]

Some people have known this for a long time, the rest of us just had to catch up with this fact. I’m not talking alcohol high, I mean baked kind of high, as in weed high, marijuana? Get it now? Without taking anything away from drunken sex, it certainly has its own merits but if […]