High Sex

Getty Image “High sex is the best sex.” DJ Luke Nasty said it, and now there’s a science behind it. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, regular weed smokers have 20 percent more sex than non-smokers. Stanford University’s School of Medicine researchers looked at the Center for Disease Control’s National […]

For the past five years, and in my recent book Obsession: A History, I have been questioning the effectiveness of Prozac-like drugs known as SSRIs. I’ve pointed out that when the drugs first came out in the early 1990s there was a wildly enthusiastic uptick in the prescribing of such drugs. Doctors were jubilantly claiming […]

by Emma Barlow | 24 September 2015 As a direct response to thousands of user requests and comments from Clue’s 2 million active users in 180 countries, Clue chooses to update the app with new features. Each additional tracking category is supported by scientific research that illustrates a definitive link between the category and the […]

A PENSIONER has been handed an ASBO which stops him leaving his house unless he is wearing trousers with his flies done up. Harold Gerrard was given the Antisocial Behaviour order at Oxford Magistrates’ Court yesterday after he was caught performing an indecent act in his car. He was parked in Osler Road, near a […]

The latest lifestyle, fashion and travel trends The latest lifestyle, fashion and travel trends For Milanese women, shopping for a suit means shopping in MaxMara. There is nothing the fashion powerhouse doesn’t know about dressing for the boardroom. This morning the brand unveiled its latest collection with the needs of metropolitan women high on the […]

A couple who got married just days after they first matched on Bumble are still together – and living with two of the bride’s ex-boyfriends. Sarah Edwards, née Elliott, 34, matched with Paul Edwards, 36, on the online dating app on December 15 and 10 days later, they were celebrating Christmas as a newlywed couple […]