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Researchers asked 1,200 women about medications taken while pregnant Found many wrongly believed drugs like paracetamol were unsafe Said failure to treat conditions could risk harm to both mother and baby  Experts said clearer information was needed to avoid confusion By Ben Spencer Medical Correspondent For The Daily Mail Published: 01:54 EST, 3 June 2016 […]

By Jacques Peterson For Daily Mail Australia Published: 19:26 EST, 4 April 2016 | Updated: 22:13 EST, 4 April 2016 2 View comments She’s the sophisticated beauty who serves as a foil for her bawdy co-host Kyle Sandilands.  But on Tuesday morning, it seems that the usually demure Jackie ‘O’ Henderson may have taken a bit […]

Tumours, such as prostate cancer, need cholesterol to build their cell walls Chemical known as RO 48-8071 cuts their cholesterol production, forces cancerous cells to fall apart and die Professor Salman Hyder, from the University of Missouri, led the research  Hyder’s team found that the drug killed cancer cells in the laboratory By Daily Mail Reporter Published: […]

Katie Weston, 20, from Cardiff,  has turophobia – a fear of cheese  Believes she developed phobia during childhood when it made her sick Now smell of the dairy product can make her feel nauseous and faint   Friends still tease her for her fear which has left her ‘terrified’ of the food  By Kate Pickles For Mailonline […]