A member of the 90s hip hop band House of Pain got into a road rage fist fight in Brooklyn with a man that almost got struck by a car he was riding in Sunday, police said. Rapper Daniel “Danny Boy” O’Connor and a friend who is an off-duty NYPD lieutenant, were riding near Peter […]

This is the incredible moment 18 toothbrushes are dragged out of a patient’s stomach. Not for the squeamish, the bizarre video shows a surgeon pulling the brightly coloured brushes – and an array of other objects – out of the person’s insides during an operation. The medics, who are speaking Spanish, throw each of the […]

Shutterstock I came across an article on Sex, Love, Liberation entitled, “Why I’m Tired of Spiritual Sex.” It started with its founder and sex doula, Ev’Yan Whitney, boldly stating, “I’m over the flowery euphemisms, over the soft language and woo woo words, over relying on analogies that place importance on the sacred.” I was taken aback […]

A regular Tuesday night in California A new scientifically pointless study was released yesterday showing that the Golden State has some sex-hungry horny dawgs. The good news is, we have no problem satiating our animal instincts. According to Loveagain.com, a dating website for the 40 and older crowd, Californians… read more at: http://www.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2013/05/07/california-is-the-place-to-get-laid-survey-says

RB quartet Ahmir has been called “Boston’s Best Kept Musical Secret” and it’s no wonder; they have voices that can sing anything…literally! With over 80 million views and almost 400,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, Ahmir is one of the most watched RB covers groups on the video-sharing site known for their covers. Their most […]