It seems pretty natural to connect cannabis with copulation these days. There are mainstream websites publishing guides to stoned fucking. Entrepreneurs making pipes that double as penetrative sex toys. A burgeoning porn genre that features naked people dabbing before they start humping. And there are even some gurus out there hosting tantric THC retreats. But […]

Cannabis legalisation could be seen to be more about personal choice than human rights. ANALYSIS: The tide looks to be turning on cannabis legalisation, particularly in western democracies. Is cannabis reform New Zealand’s next same-sex marriage?  New Zealand is inching closer and closer to cannabis decriminalisation without even changing a single law. Known for our ability […]

Stuff’s new series asks what would happen if cannabis was legalised in New Zealand. Peter Dunne, the bespectacled politician in the bow-tie, was the unlikely hero of drug reform. In May, the Associate Health Minister ventured that “some, if not all” class C drugs should be reclassified and regulated. Outraged cries of “Minister for Stoners” were conspicuous by […]

Tweet It’s been a long week, with some long, crazy questions and some long, helpful answers (from me and the commenters), so I’m going to take it easy today and keep this one short. I’m a bi woman in my early 20s. My partner lives about an hour away from me. We see each other […]

COPS were last night questioning key Kinahan cartel lieutenant Barry Finnegan after they seized a stash of super-strength cannabis oil. The convicted sex offender and armed robber, 36, was driving with another man when uniformed officers stopped them after their car was spotted acting ­suspiciously near Ratoath, Co Meath. Barry Finnegan coming out of court […]

‘YOUR corruption of her did not just extend to having sex, but also plying her with marijuana’ a Judge noted in a sentence handed down yesterday. Tyrone Shawn Doak, 23, was sentenced in the Rockhampton District Court to one count of carnal knowledge with a 15-year-old girl, one of possessing a drug utensil and one […]