A gang smuggled cannabis worth £24 million in industrial tubes wrapped up in CARPETS. The smugglers created a company called ‘Mogafish Flooring’ to purchase and transport the carpets across the continent using legitimate transport firms. Over six months they managed to get around 2.5 tonnes of high grade cannabis into the UK. Their crime was […]

Robert Lewis Dear. (Colorado Springs Police) Robert Lewis Dear, the suspect in the shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, appears to have posted religious rants and solicitations for women on the website Cannabis.com, and also had a dating ad at SexyAds.com. Dear’s posts on the Cannabis.com message board were first uncovered by the New […]

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Gary Johnson hasn’t announced a presidential run in 2016 yet, but a recent Facebook post indicated that he is seriously considering running for the Libertarian party. (Facebook/Gary Johnson) Gary Johnson, former governor in New Mexico, is considering running for president for the Libertarian party. He ran for the Republican nomination in 2012 before ultimately deciding to […]